Zamazars Wrath of the East icon

Zamazar's Wrath of the East is a legendary sword that collects Mental Energy.

This weapon is of the Sword weapon class for purposes of Armor defense and Weapons Mastery skill. It does a base damage of 45 points to an enemy's Health, adjusted for Scarlett's Strength, the enemy's Armor, and Scarlett's Sword Mastery and multi-attack combinations.

If it is the currently wielded weapon when an enemy is killed (through any means, including Necromancy Skills), this magical weapon restores Scarlett's current Mental Energy by an amount proportional to the original Health of the enemy (up to Scarlett's maximum Mental Energy.) This does not work with enemies that resurrect after death if not killed by a MoonBlade.

Scarlett can purchase Zamazar's Wrath of the East from San in Venice's Inner City for 2500 ducats.